Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hey! Thought I would finally post about my story with the one and only Zayn Malik. If you guys don't know he's part of one of the biggest boy bands in history, One Direction. They came to LA when they were on tour. On August 5th, I was on Melrose when I look over and see Zayn Malik shopping. I was in awe...he was unbelievably HOT. I wasn't even supposed to talk to him but I did when security went in to grab his shoes that he just bought. I gave him a bracelet that he put on right away. I asked for a hug and will always regret not asking for a picture. But not everyone gets to say that they met Zayn Malik! Wish security didn't have to be such an ass with the whole "don't take out your phone" thing. I wore my new Steve Madden booties with colored pants along with my wasteland shirt and a white button up on top. I had my Urban sunglasses as well.