Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New York Is The Place To Be

For years, I have been wanting to go to New York but never had a specific reason to. My cousin decided to get married there so I finally had an excuse to go. I absolutely fell in love and felt like I knew the place like the back of my hand. Especially since I have been vicariously experiencing every part of New York through all the other fashion bloggers who constantly post beautiful pictures of the city.  
Dear New York, ... I love you.

Coffee from Ninth Street Espresso! Sucha cute place to chill out
Classic taxi New York picture

Meet my cousin, Samah. Loved traveling with her!

No I decided to not take the bus behind me. 

I used to have this bad habit of tilting my head when people take pictures of me. It came back for this one.

Mean mug?

View from my room at the New York University Club

Experienced rain in New York, loved it

Amazing decor in the New York University Club

Fifth Avenue right outside!

Little food bazaar near Central Park!

This vintage white sweater kept me warm!

Had to funk up the outfit with some plaid pants!

Corn on the cob, doesn't get better than this!

Happy to be reunited with my sister after awhile!

City Lights
Grand central! (Xoxo Gossip Girl?)

The highliner!

My brother rockin' the moon shirt

Leather dresses, shawl capes and spiked beanies!

Freedom tower reflection

Chelsea market

Wall street!

Gloomy nights
It's hard to be in a long distance relationship

Brooklyn Bridge!

Radio City

Dominique Ansel Bakery, they were sadly out of cronuts :(

Brunch in Soho with the best brother
Jack's Wife Freda. So delicious
I ordered the Mediterranean breakfast! 

Not quite sure what I was trying to do with this headband

Laduree in Soho, ahhhh I was so stoked to finally get this

 Taking the ferry to see the statue of liberty!

I loved finally being in weather where I am able to layer!
Being in New York meant I had to catch a show on Broadway! Loved Aladdin 
Of course I had to go to Times Square!

An adorable couple taking wedding pictures
I can't wait to get back